A conversation with Lian Brook-Tyler on her podcast The Primal Happiness Show (formerly The Born Happy Show).

You can listen to the whole conversation and subscribe to Lian’s podcast here but in this post I wanted to excerpt and reflect on my favourite bits. This is part one, about resilience, freedom and the results of that in your life.

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If it’s true that my experience comes from inside then it’s got to be true even here {in the midst of this earthquake} or it’s not true at all.

I just had this sense that it wasn’t going to be partial- that sometimes it works one way and sometimes it works the other way.

I didn’t even have a conviction that this is how it works. It was a questions…a curiosity. I just didn’t know.


One of the days

{We affectionately called them EQ days because it was many days and week of aftershocks and uncertainty}

in the middle of the cocktail or fear+adrenaline that came every time the was an aftershock,

I thought

If all of this fear comes from within me then it must be true that I could right now feel as unsafe as I ever have, or as safe as I ever have.

Because the feeling of safety then has nothing to do with…anything…it’s just a feeling. It’s not related to earthquake or not, promotion or not, boyfriend or not. It’s just not related to anything.

A second before, the earthquake and the feeling were linked in my head. Like a couple. You couldn’t separate them. And then suddenly when I saw that they were independent of each other there was all this freedom here for me.

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It’s Practical


To be afraid

and then to no longer be afraid

it’s underestimated how life changing that is.

Chill- there’s nothing for you to do, really.

This is the thing I find really encouraging about that insight- it didn’t need anything from me. For me to see life differently I didn’t need to believe in this or not believe or anything.

I had no conviction about this either way, but I had a little curiosity.

The DramaQueen is not you



The noise in your head- which is this schizophrenic thing that makes it so some days you’re amazing and some days randomly you’re a worthless piece of shit…I’d gotten used to thinking that was the foundation of me…of who I was.

Sometimes, somewhere in that noise you’d have a bit of quiet- a savouring of something nice-but that noise was who I was, I thought.

Somehow, somewhere along the way that changed.

One fine day I realized that me and you…we’re something else. We’re something other than what we think.

The exploration into what that other thing is, is for me the best part.

It opens doors, heals hearts and fuels innovation.

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