What does it mean to live life on your own terms?

To me, a lot of the time it has meant


Pretty much as far back as I can remember I’ve done things that were definitely NOT on my ‘should’ list. I’ve taken chances, reached out, tried something, failed and succeeded probably in equal measure- heartache and sweetness probably also in equal measure 🙂

A lot of the time life has felt easy and fun and worth taking chances with.

And yet

A couple of months back I realized I was carrying around this idea that life is supposed to be lived a certain way. There was a way to do things- live life, be successful, interact with family, build a business. I didn’t know what it was but somebody did and what I was doing wasn’t it.

So even though I’d been doing things on my own terms I realized how much I had this sense that I was deviating from some kind of standard blueprint for how to do things in life.

The story went like this:

Girl has an idea of what life should look like and what it’s all about. Girl is happy. Girl has another idea. Girl checks Idea#2 against the original idea. It’s different. Girl gets nervous. Girl picks Good Girl and sticks to Idea1 or Girl Goes Rogue and picks Idea2.

Either way, that there is a standard, ‘correct’ blueprint is never questioned.

Like somebody could really know the best possible use for a single human life. And how could somebody else possibly know what’s ‘right’ for me?

Even though nothing changed in behaviour when I saw that, everything about how I thought of life, business, and progress changed.

Final thoughts: release.the.sparkle.

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P.s. Jen, I have some ideas that we might regret later but are so worth doing. Will whatsapp you later xx

Oh also, you can always password protect just particular blog posts #Win!